Learn to market your product using behavioral psychology

Building products is getting easier, marketing is getting harder.

Every day, countless products are launched. The building is great. However, it’s difficult to get noticed in this noise.

More important than making great products is how you present them.

Learn a persuasive product marketing strategy using your target audience’s emotional triggers, motivations, cognitive biases.

Level up your product marketing persuasion from case studies.

I publish case studies a few times a month. Get my studies via email. 

Yunus Ertürk
Yunus ErtürkUI Designer/Developer
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I highly recommend Denizcan for his exceptional product positioning, marketing, and pricing skills. His keen eye for boosting landing page conversion rates and his mindset set him apart from the competition. Denizcan is an excellent choice for taking help If you're looking to take your product to the next level.
Muhammet Çalış
Muhammet ÇalışProduct Designer
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As a Product Builder , I have greatly benefitted from his expertise. His insightful information has played a vital role in enhancing the impact of my designs. Whenever I embark on a new project, I make it a point to seek his counsel to ensure that my products are optimized to deliver the best user experience possible.
İdilsu Sanlav
İdilsu SanlavFrontend Developer
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Denizcan has a different perspective on product positioning and pricing. He applies behavioral psychology wonderfully to product marketing. I am learning a lot from him.
Emre Cırık
Emre CırıkProduct Owner at Mükellef
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I received support in positioning my product and discovering new tools. The thing that helped me the most was his strategies for product pricing.

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