Hi, I'm Denizcan Sanlav

I’m the person behind this blog.

I design strategies for landing page, pricing, positioning and messaging, using limbic map and cognitive biases in product marketing.

I’m anti-conventional, independent-minded and obsessed with decision making. (Especially buying decisions)

This website is about the intersection of marketing and behavioral psychology.

My personality and obsessions introduced me to behavioral psychology about 4 years ago. And I combine all this with marketing. This is my personal monopoly.
50+ books, 100+ academic articles, training from places like MIT, Toronto and CXL.

I did field studies and gave trainings for 6 months in the most reliable research company of the country.
I tested how I could apply my theoretical knowledge on persuasion and marketing to real life.

I’m also working on growing as a co-founder.
I’m in Istanbul right now.

How My Blog Will Benefit Your Business

I hate when marketing is portrayed as just describing product features.

Sharing posts on social channels, following trends, analytics and traffic, random ad campaigns etc. Wasted effort, time and money away from the hypothesis and the essence of the subject

Marketing is for people.

Marketing is a combination of understanding human behavior and designing for them. It is the process of solving problems in an irrational way. That’s why I started to explain how to use behavioral psychology simply in marketing.

Most of the behavioral concepts here are not mine. These are things I’ve discovered through years of reading and research. I build these hypotheses for better marketing.

* How do your potential customers perceive your brand/product?
* How do your potential customers position your brand/product?
* How do you equate the value you offer with the perception of your potential customer?
* How do you influence the decisions of your potential customers?
* How do you increase your landing page persuasion level?


“How can we marketing better?”

We’ll talk about them on this blog.

Dive in straight away and level up your product marketing

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Learn to market your product using behavioral psychology

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