How do you know if your landing page is good enough?

The most important thing for a landing page is clarity.

Landing pages are where we tell people about the great things we’ve created (your product).
They are the marketing and sales army working for us.

Often the biggest problem is: What we want to say is not the same as what people understand.

We live by the things we build, we constantly think about them. And most of the time, we think people will understand your product right away.

But it’s hard to get this clear that people can quickly understand.

They will understand some of what you are saying.
They may not understand the benefit you offer.
They can even get it wrong.

These are possible problems.


How do you know if your landing page is good enough?

Here is a simple method for you to test.

Your customers/users, potential customers. Or if you don’t have them, ask people around you for feedback.


Give people your landing page. And ask them to choose 3 things on the landing page.

1- Confusing

2- Unbelievable

3- Boring

How do you know if your landing page is good enough? -

1- Confusing

We should clarify the sections they finds confusing.

Clear and easy to perceive. Because people can’t be interested in something they don’t understand and they don’t want to buy it.

Make it smooth.
Make sure that your copywriting is clear.
Clarify sections of ambiguity about your product.

Use these cognitive biases

  1. Ambiguity effect
  2. Zero risk bias

2- Unbelievable

Hard to believe.

If you’re getting unbelievable feedback, rethink your argument. If your argument is true, prove it. 

The problem itself or your suggestion for a solution.

Use these behavioral effects;

  1. Social proof
  2. Herd behavior

3- Boring

If people find some sections boring, go two ways.

Highlight immediate concrete benefit
We tend to prefer immediate concrete benefit over long-term benefits.

Use those cognitive biases;

  1. Hyperbolic discounting
  2. Present bias

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